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Baccarat is one of the simplest and easiest casino games. This is a game with eight decks of cards and you place bets before dealing of every new hand. Online Baccarat has its origins in France and is an equally popular game among the Internet gamers. Casinos offering single deck online Baccarat offer the best bets for the game.

There are three bets in a game of Baccarat banker hand, player hand, and a tie. The banker holds the shoe and deals the cards to all the players. Players turn over the cards and croupier calls the cards.
You need to bet on whichever hand you feel will win the game before dealing of cards. If the banker’s hand wins, he retains the title and if the player’s hand wins, shoe passes to the player from the banker. You can pass on the shoe if you so desire. How to Play Cards from two to nine retain their face value while tens, Jack, King, and Queen have zero as their value, and Ace has the value 1. While totaling card values, drop the first digit of any two-digit total. Hence, a card total of 14 is only four in baccarat. The hand closest to the total of nine is the winner in this game.

Every player and banker receives three hands of two cards each in every game. House edge in a game of Baccarat is very low and hence, most players bet on the banker’s hand. Normally, house edge for a banker’s hand is 1.06% and 1.24% for the player’s hand. However, casinos also charge taxes of 5% of the winnings on banker’s hand. Even after that, you still gain an advantage of 0.19% for betting on the player’s hand. Hence, betting on banker’s hand is the judicious choice for most baccarat players.

Most players avoid betting on a tie, as the game odds for a tie are 8:1. This highlights the fact that the chances of a win through a tie are almost impossible and the house edge in such a win is around 14%.


Online baccarat helps you gamble and play the game in a free atmosphere. You can practice your skills and try out different game options and new betting strategies. Online baccarat proves to be a training ground before hitting the real land casino. It also proves to be an excellent confidence booster. Besides, online baccarat saves you lot of money on traveling expenses.

Most online casinos offer a web cam for you to see the dealer and watch the game in action. This further enhances and presents the casino type atmosphere in your house. In other words, you need not make any trip to the land of casinos like Las Vegas, Nevada, or Atlantic City. Excellent graphics, easy to use scorecard, and undisturbed game play are some of the advantages of online Baccarat.

Game Rules

A total of nine in the first two dealt cards is a perfect hand. Eight and nine in the first two cards is a natural hand. Such a natural hand is a sure winner and there can be no dispute unless there is a tie.
You can beat a natural eight with a natural nine only. All bets become void in case of a tie unless any player has bet on a tie, which is a very rare occurrence. You need to stand if your score is six or seven and hit if your card score is less than four.

Casino Baccarat Tips

Baccarat is an easy and straightforward game. There are no confusing strategies or systems in work at the baccarat table. You only need to have a clear understanding of the game rules to play and win at a game of baccarat. However, certain simple tips can help you play this interesting game confidently.

Baccarat Tips

(1) There are normally eight decks of cards in a game of Baccarat. You have a better advantage of winning through the banker’s hand if the game is with lesser number of card decks.
(2) Baccarat offers three options for betting Banker’s hand, player’s hand, and tie. Banker’s and player’s hand offer almost similar house edge and betting on either can bring similar winnings.
(3) Occurrence of a tie in a game of baccarat is very remote. However, you get back your initial bet amounts in case of a tie. However, if any player bets on a tie, you cannot get back your bet amount.
(4) Betting on a tie as the outcome of a baccarat game is very rare as house odds for a tie are as high as 14%. Hence, if you bet on a tie as the result, and if it is so, you have to pay 14% of your winnings to the casino.
(5) House edge for the banker’s hand is 1.09% and casinos charge an extra 5% as taxes or commissions for winnings on this hand. Even then, you stand to gain by betting on the banker’s hand as the outcome of a baccarat game.
(6) House edge for the player’s hand is 1.24%. Hence, you pay the equivalent percentage of your winnings from the player’s hand to the casino.
(7) There is no set pattern for the outcomes of any baccarat game. Baccarat is a game of chance and you cannot bet on any eventuality as the sure outcome of the next round of play.
(8) Have a clear and through understanding and knowledge of the game rules of Baccarat to be aware of any mistakes by any player or dealer in a game.
(9) Dealer burns that many cards as the number that appears on the face up card on the baccarat table
(10) Player receives the first and third dealt cards while banker receives the second and fourth dealt cards.
(11) You take only the last of the two-digit card totals. If total of your cards is 12, it is only two.
(12) If the total of the initially dealt cards is eight or nine, the player or the banker automatically wins and it is a natural hand. This becomes a tie situation only if two hands have the similar occurrence.
(13) Only a natural nine can beat a natural eight hand.
(14) You need to draw if your card total is less than six or seven.
(15) Bank always draws on a total from zero to two. Card total of three makes the bank draw only if the player draws a third card of eight. If the player’s third card is an eight, nine or an Ace, Banker can draw on card total of four.
(16) A third card between four and seven with the player can help the bank draw on a total of five. Bank stands on a total of six if player has a third card of either six or seven only.
(17) Bank always stands on a total of seven.


Baccarat Gambling Strategy

Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games. The stakes placed in this card game are very high. At one time, it was the game of the rich and the famous. Six to twelve players play the game and the game use about six to eight decks of cards. Since the stakes are high, the gains are also fantastic.

There is a proper method and strategy for winning baccarat. However, every player must develop his own unique playing style. One cannot apply general strategy to the game since the playing circumstances can differ for every person. One can be aggressive and take huge risks. However, one may lose and end up bankrupt at the end of the day.

A wise player is one who sets a budget to the amount of bets he will place in a day. Once he crosses this fixed limit, he must stop play. This is irrespective of the fact that he is winning or losing the game. In this way, he can even out his gains and losses and make a neat profit.

One must be familiar with the rules of the games and the values of the cards. This helps one to determine winning combinations of cards. For a detailed study, one can also calculate the chances of winning for a particular numbered card or face card. To calculate this one must study a number of games and observe professional players at the game.

Players try to see a predetermined sequence in distribution of cards. They make a mental or written note of these patterns. On later analysis, they can calculate the chances of getting a particular sequence among a fixed number of games and can frame their strategy based on this analysis.

Some people count the cards while the dealer is distributing them or players are drawing them from the deck. From this, they can calculate the cards remaining in the deck and their chances of getting the required cards for a winning combination.

However, this technique is just a lot of number crunching with not much result since the casino always has an advantage over the players. In baccarat, the player wins, or the banker wins or there is a tie. Hence, it is always advisable to wager on the banker. This increases one’s chances of winning.

The chances of winning depend on the number of decks used in the game and the commission offered. One must always select a table with lesser decks and smaller commissions. This improves one’s chances of winning. The level of players also determines one’s chances of winning. If one is a beginner, one must select a table with fewer players and chose early morning or evening to play. Now, fewer professionals play in casinos and one has better chances of success.

Lastly, one has to leave some scope for luck to determine one’s success. After all, all types of gambling are a game of chance. A smart player is one who keeps all these things in mind and then applies his thinking to every situation before making his move. This is the secret of a flourishing baccarat strategy.

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