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Who is a casino dealer?

Who is he, the man on the other side of the table? The article describes the profession of a casino dealer.

If you are a casino player, you often have to deal with dealers (English version, in French – “croupier”, in Russian – “banker”). But have you ever thought about who you are dealing with? Understanding people who are intermediaries between you and fortune, shuffle cards and give you chips (however, as well as take away), will help you to spend better time in their society, and also give a slight advantage in the game itself.


What kind of people works in a casino

World casino dealers are mostly young people from 18 to 30 years old. It’s like university students who somehow need to earn a living while studying, but in the future wanting to change jobs, and people who have chosen the path of gambling with the goal of achieving professionalism in it, climb the career ladder. In the early 90s of the last century, when casino gambling business in our country was just beginning, the profession of the casino dealer was very attractive, but at the same time dangerous (played mainly by the OPG). At present, the profession has lost its former appeal, has become more accessible to all comers.

What is required from the dealer

In general, in order to be a casino dealer, you do not need to have any special abilities or to have an education. The live dealer should be able to do simple mathematical calculations in the mind and possess the skills that are taught to him directly when passing through training in the casino.

Communication also enters into the work of the croupier. Because casinos are an entertaining business, they want dealers to know when it’s a good time to talk to a client, and when not. And dealers should remain pleasant throughout the work.

How difficult is the dealer’s work

Although, as mentioned above, almost everyone can be a dealer, the work has its difficulties. The main of them – an irregular working day, night shifts. In addition, being at one game table from 20 minutes to several hours, and passively inhaling the smoke from cigarette players, is very bad for human health.

What if the dealer was mistaken

Due to monotony and constant repetition of work, dealers tend to make mistakes. Of course, everyone makes mistakes, but the correctness of the actions of the dealer depends on the money of other people, players. Most live casino visitors expect from him a competence, and, as a rule, they receive it. Nevertheless, the player makes a serious mistake if he does not control the dealer, as he can make a mistake and thereby deprive the player of money.

What if the dealer was mistaken in favor of the player

Ambiguous question, the decision of which depends on each individual player. Some believe that it’s not worth pointing out the error, since no one will refund the player’s own mistakes. Others believe that pointing out the mistake and returning the overpaid money is at least due to the fact that “other people’s money does not bring happiness,” and to place the staff with the words “We do not need someone else” is always pleasant. Much nicer than waiting for a pitboss to come up to you and ask you to return the money, as video surveillance recorded the fact of error and overpayment.

Tipping for the dealer

Although in most of the gambling houses of the Russian Federation, the tips received by the casino dealer are not only for him but for him distributed to all employees, he will always be pleased if you thank him for a good game. And it can be not only your winnings (yes the dealer actually has no direct relation to your winnings / losses), but also just a good time spent in the company of good people.

Give “tea” large amounts of money is not worth it – it is unlikely that the dealer will appreciate this step, rather take you for a stupid person. Here the main fact itself, by no means the number given in favor of the dealer chips.

Croupier dealer casino and live studio level course

A career in Gaming opens the door to several job opportunities.
As a qualified OLCA croupier, you’ll be ready to work anyplace within the world with any land-based casino or live studio casino. If you’re trying to find a brand new career move, this glamorous and exciting world can be for you.
All you need to become a professional Croupier and Live Dealer is just a clear head, agile hands associated an spirited temperament to supply players with a nice and exciting diversion expertise.

The Croupier Casino and Studio Level program contains 3 modules:

*Module 1 – Croupier/Dealer Casino Level

*Module 2 – Croupier/Dealer Studio Level

*Module 3 – Customer Care and Responsible Gaming


If you remember that a casino dealer is a person working on rather difficult work, you will probably get good service and have a great time at the casino. Good luck!

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